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Porcelain Crowns

  • Crowns

    Dental crowns are often called "dental caps" which cover and encase the whole tooth to become the tooth's new outer surface. Dental crowns as a means to rebuild broken and decayed teeth to their original shape. Dental crowns are a way to strengthen teeth and method by which the cosmetic appearance of teeth can be improved.

  • Dental Crowns Prices

    Smile Signature dental bangkok clinics in Thailand have a dedicated dental laboratory using the advanced CAD and CAM 3M Lava Design System in delivery natural-looking all ceramic crowns by 3M Lava.

  • Dental Fees

    Dental fees for Smile Signature are standardized and clearly separated for your reference. Our dental fees are transparent to all. Local and overseas patients are charged the same ranges.There are no extra hidden sterilization, facilities or tax surcharges. Checkup and consultation is FREE at our thailand dental clinics.

  • Smile Gallery

    Cosmetic and restorative dentistry can make a difference in your smile giving confidence and esteem. Many patients have had their smile transformed in over a course of a few days to weeks in having a Thailand dental makeover.