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Smile Signature Dental Laboratory

Aesthetics. Quicker. Quality Controlled.

Smile Signature’s has a dedicated dental laboratories for its all ceramic aesthetic teeth works for its porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, prosthetics on implants and dentures. A dedicated lab enables our bangkok dental clinic to delivery your teeth work quicker, have better control over the shading and quality of teeth works for better aesthetics.

Thailand Dental Lab with 3M Lava System

ห้องแลปสำหรับงานลาวา 3M

Our dental lab in thailand carries the latest 3M Lava™ System as well as 3M Cercon Milling System in producing 3M Lava Zirconia Crowns. Smile Signature bangkok dental clinic’s dedicated 3M Lava Zirconia Lab dental lab is one of the two labs in Thailand with the digitalized 3M Lava Scan ST and Lava Design Software System Platform. The 3M Lava™ System composed on the digitalized 3M Lava Scan ST, Lava Design Software System Platform, Lava Furnace and Lava CNC 500 Milling Machine.

Dental Laboratory

The 3M Lava System allows full control of the final all ceramic crown restoration from design through milling, shading and sintering to full-contour and veneering enabling faster delivery timings and a more consistent quality control of all ceramic dental crowns and bridge works.

Thailand Dental Lab with Cercon Smart Ceramic System

ห้องแลปสำหรับงานระบบ Cercon

Our dedicated dental lab in thailand also carries the Cercon Milling System. The Cercon milling machines uses monolithic block of solid yttria-stabilized zirconia, which provides the strength to support thin posterior single-units to long-span bridges, and mills the blocks into All Ceramic Zirconia Cercon crowns and bridges. The Cercon zirconia restoration is demonstrably safe as it is less abrasive as compared to convetional porcelain fused to metal PFM and the leading lithium disilicate.

Thailand Dental Lab specializing in Aesthetics Veneers

Our skilled thailand dental laboratory techicians at our dedicatd dental laboratory uses various layering techniques in producing transluent and natural looking all porcelain veneers for our IPS Empress Esthetics Veneers.