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Teeth Whitening Signature Packages

Zoom Teeth Whitening Signature Package

Smile Signature thailand dental clinics is having Zoom teeth whitening promotions using the latest version of Advance Zoom! Teeth Whitening by Philips.

Promotional Fees
Usual Fees
Zoom Teeth Whitening
8,500 per person
Home Bleaching (3 Syringes of gel)
4,000 per person

American dental prices are simply estimates using exchange rate of USD1 = THB36.

Teeth Whitening by Zoom promotions are applicable now till 30th June 2022

Zoom Tooth Whitening

teeth whitening

Your smile is the way you greet the world. The Philips Zoom teeth whitening treatment is one of the top patient-requested professional whitening treatment system globally. Over 10 million patients have already used the Zoom teeth whitening system to achieve brighter and healthier smiles

Philips Zoom tooth whitening from USA has been proven to whiten teeth up to eight shades in certain cases. Zoom tooth whitening is safe, the whitening system’s Relief ACP actually gives you greater luster and protects enamel.

Smile Siganture dental clinics in bangkok offers Philips Zoom at our dentist office to ensure optimum safety. There are different treatment strengths to fit your lifestyle and sensitivity.

Find out more about teeth bleaching options, considerations and post care as well as home bleaching options used to lighten discolouration of enamel and dentin.

Pola Teeth Whitening

Pola teeth whitening from Australia by SDI whitens teeth safely and whiten discolorations in the enamel of your teeth. Discolorations due to age, coffee, red wine, tobacco, coloured foods, some medications, disease, injury or medical treatments are removed with Pola in-office teeth whitening. Pola tooth whitening has used in the market for over 10 years.



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