Teeth Cleaning, Teeth Scaling & Airflow Teeth Polishing

Maintain Your Oral Health. Clean Teeth. A Brighter Smile.

During an bi-annual dental checkup. your dentist checks teeth for cavities and typically performs professional teeth cleaning, scaling and polishing. Preventive oral checkup helps maintains a healthy smile and is the first-line defense against dental problems.

Teeth cleaning removes plaque similar to daily tooth brushing.

Teeth Scaling removes hard calculus or tartar from the teeth. 

Teeth polishing removes stains on teeth surfaces.

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Types of Professional Teeth Cleaning 

Two basic methods of professional teeth cleaning are:

  1. Conventional teeth cleaning, scaling and polishing using scaler and brush
  2. Airflow using air, powder and waterjet spray

1. Conventional Teeth Cleaning, Scaling and Polishing

teeth cleaning scaler

Hard calculus is removed and scrapped off from the tooth surface using a scaler instrument by your general dentist at our dental clinics in bangkok.

Extrinsic stains from coffee, tea, wine drinking may be polished and removed with the polishing handpiece by your general dentist at our bangkok dental clinics.

2. Airflow Teeth Cleaning

Air-flow is a revolutionary and much faster way to clean and polish stained teeth. The airflow system works by mixing a combination of air, water, sodium bicarbonate crystals and fruit flavouring. The high pressure water/air stream cleans your teeth faster and more efficiently than the traditional polishing brushes and pastes.

Airflow can remove stains and discolouration and is commonly recommended or done before having a professional teeth whitening treatment carried out. Airflow by EMS used at our bangkok dental clinic is an innovative Swiss-manufactured system that is fast, painless and effective.

Air-polishing delivers patient comfort since it utilizes no curettes. With the gentle application of kinetic energy, air-polishing does not scratch tooth surface.

Dental Procedure for Teeth Cleaning

  1. After consultation and a checkup is made with your general dentist at our bangkok dental clinics, your dentist may ask or recommend teeth cleaning, scaling and polishing.
  2. In certain cases, if there are heavy stains, your dentist may recommend to have both teeth cleaning, scaling and polishing and airflow teeth cleaning. Patients that are uncomfortable with vibrations movements made by the conventional polishing handpiece may make a reques to have their teeth cleaned by airflow only.

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