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Smile Signature team of cosmetic dentist has been transforming smiles and restoring the confidence of patients for more than a decade. Our experienced and qualified team of cosmetic dentists first does a FREE consult and checkup in discussing and customizing the treatment options.

Smile makeover treatments can include one or several treatment option. The recommended solution for you will be based on your indvidual case. Common smile makeover treatments include:

  1. Teeth whitening : whitens teeth within one visit
  2. Veneers : teeth laminates used in hollywood smiles and extreme makeovers)
  3. Dental crowns : restores chipped, worn down and damaged teeth
  4. Composite fillings : change blacken silver fillings to tooth-colored filings

Using only established and top brands for teeth whitening, veneers and crowns from USA, our dental clinics uses base materials produced from our pre-selected dedicated and modern dental laboratories. Good quality materials allows for better aesthetic look and expected lifespan of use. Our cosmetic dentists has renewed, restored and revamped the smiles of individuals in one trip.

New Smile with Dental Veneers

Material developments and layering techniques has made porcelain veneers stronger, more natural-looking and esthetically pleasing. Smile makeover treatments targets to resolve various dental issues such as yellowish teeth, worn down teeth, chipped and damaged teeth, unslightly stains or mildly crooked teeth.

Every individual’s case is different. Every individuals perception of their perfect smile is dfiferent. At Smile Signature, our dentists uses dedicated dental laboratories with artistic skilled technicians for their natural teethworks in layering veneers, crowns or bridges to give that transluency and shine of beautiful aesthetics.

Our Cosmetic Dentist Team

When seeking dental treatments to restore or improve your smile, research for a qualified cosmetic dentist is essential in meeting your expected results. At Smile Signature dental clinics, we assign privileges to our dentist based on their qualifications, experience and skill on the areas of dental practice. 

Our team of cosmetic dentists are verified on their dental license to ensure they are qualified dentists. Find a dentist at Smile Signature dental clinics. Or learn more at Bangkok cosmetic dentists

Get a cost quote to restore and improve your smile.  

Smile Makeover Patient Reviews

View Smile Signature YouTube channel from our patients at Smile Signature from all over the world who has come to Smile Signature dental clinics to restore their smile with veneers, crowns and teeth whitening.

Cosmetic Dentistry Prices

The cost of having smile makeover treatment done varies from what treatment is recommended for your case and which areas of concern you are addressing. Smile Signature dental treatment fees are standardized and transparent.

Below are some dental fees packages.

เคลือบฟัน IPS Empress Esthetics
dental crowns

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teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening

Brighten your teeth with a one visit in-office teeth whitening treatment


New teeth surface over front teeth to change teeth color, shape and size

dental checkup


Dental caps to restore entire tooth as a new outer shell to protect and restore teeth.


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